Welcome to Stamp Hostels

Our hostel is a comfortable place, ideal to rest a few days away from the noise, the insecurity of the city, the daily traffic, and the daily work, you will surely like it for its cozy facilities.

The possibility of adventures is immense and the options to enjoy a pleasant day in the sea and its surroundings establish the exact parameters to define an unforgettable vacation.

High impact experiences are the order of the day and the feeling of freedom and astonishment in an environment outside the ordinary will surely be the main motivation to come visit us.

It is not necessary to sacrifice comfort, or deprive yourself of the basics because our hostel offers the best, our prices fit perfectly in the pocket of any backpacker and here in Manzanillo we have many opportunities for learning experiences that will allow you to understand other cultural realities.

It is not necessary to adapt to packaged realities and rather our visitors can breathe with us the sense of authenticity in their travel experiences.

Our objectives are to promote sustainable tourism strategies that take into account the environment and provide the traveler with possibilities to develop and experience their initiative and desire.

Welcome to this small corner of Paradise in Colombia, we guarantee an experience that you will only want to share and repeat.

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